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Partner Blog: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

Our cohort had the pleasure of meeting with Colin Simpson, CEO of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO). During the meeting, Mr. Simpson discussed that the main responsibility of a nonprofit organization, like IBAO, was about representing and advocating for insurance brokers by providing them advice and insight for their businesses. This responsibility also includes working closely with the provincial government and engaging with MPPs to ensure any concerns or issues that insurance brokers are facing is heard.

Mr. Simpson also shared the complex issues and nuances of insurance policies in our province, and how IBAO helps support and protect both people who make insurance claims and insurance businesses. He also discussed the various educational tools their organization provides for people interested in pursuing a career in insurance brokerage.

All in all, Mr. Simpson’s presentation gave us a more in-depth understanding of the work of insurance brokers and the advocacy strategies IBAO uses with government to help insurance brokers can adequately protect people through insurance. Our cohort truly enjoyed learning more about IBAO through Mr. Simpson’s engaging stories, candor and passion for his role. We want to thank him for taking the time to meet with us and appreciate the support IBAO continues to give OLIP!  

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