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Partner Blog: Hill and Knowlton Strategies

We were fortunate enough to visit Hill & Knowlton Strategies’ waterfront office. Hill and Knowlton is an international public relations company with over eighty offices around the world. As a leader in the public relations space, Hill and Knowlton provides a variety of services including public relations, government relations, advertising, and much more. It was eye-opening to learn about the scope and impact of some of their successful past work.

We enjoyed a tour of their beautiful new workspace and a fascinating meeting regarding our hosts’ experiences prior to joining Hill and Knowlton. As young professionals navigating politics and government-adjacent industries, we are always grateful to learn from people who have walked similar career paths. By the time we’d finished, our hosts had made a compelling pitch for the world of public relations consulting.

We’re grateful to Will, Matt, Shanice, Lisa, Alex, and everybody at Hill and Knowlton Strategies for their kindness, insightful stories, and their support of OLIP!

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