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Our Meeting with the OSPE

A big thank you to Sara Mehraban of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) for coming to Queen’s Park to speak with the interns. OSPE is a member-driven community that works to enhance the voices of engineers and make the field more accessible and equitable for everyone. Through its non-partisan advocacy, OSPE seeks to contribute to ongoing education, hiring programs, and better practices to create a better future for engineers and greater society at large.

Sara was gracious enough to share her background as a coordinator and policy analyst. She discussed the importance of advocacy both within the professional realm and outside of work. The passion she carries for her work and for creating more equitable spaces for everyone to thrive in was infectious. The interns appreciated hearing about her latest advocacy projects and the work she does with engineering students across the province.

OSPE is a wonderful partner of OLIP, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with Sara. We look forward to continuing our partnership moving forward.

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