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MPP Placement Blog: Esma x MPP Collard

I got to have my second placement with MPP Lucille Collard of Ottawa-Vanier. Elected in 2020, MPP Collard brings a wealth of experience to the role. She is the Third Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Whole House, House Leader for the Liberal Caucus, and the Liberal Critic for three different portfolios: Attorney General, Solicitor General, and Francophone Affairs.

Working with MPP Collard, a lawyer, with diverse portfolio and many passions, such as improving the justice system and the francophone representation has given me an excellent opportunity to work on various projects. Besides continuously conducting research on matters arising due to the House updates or the constituents needs and assisting with the House Leader tasks, I got to take a leading role in Private Members’ Bills, write Members’ Statements and briefing notes, and prepare questions for the Question Period and the Public Accounts Committee that she is a member of. 

So far, I really enjoyed being able to freely ask any questions to both MPP Collard and her Legislative Assistant, David Nightingale who I work closely with at Queen’s Park. One of the very notable highlights has been my constituency visit where I met with the rest of the team who also welcomed me so warmly. Seeing MPP Collard’s interaction with her constituents and how much she cares and works very hard to assist with their needs in the best way possible was truly inspiring. She always emphasizes serving the riding, regardless of the party her constituents support. I got to attend meetings and events in English and French where MPP Collard was very proud to introduce me to folks. She made me feel very included by encouraging and valuing my input. 

Special thanks to MPP Collard for trusting me with consequential tasks and David Nightingale for being a fantastic Legislative Assistant! It has been an incredible learning experience so far.

I look forward to continuing to work with MPP Collard and her team.:)

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