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Meeting with Premier Doug Ford

The OLIP interns recently had the pleasure of meeting Ontario’s 26th and current Premier, the Honourable Doug Ford. When Premier Ford was elected in 2018, he became the second-ever newly elected MPP to become Premier since Mitch Hepburn in 1934. He joined 57 brand-new PC MPPs to form the 42nd Parliament of Ontario.

Unsurprisingly, much of our discussion with Premier Ford surrounded the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Premier Ford noted that he felt his time as Premier was split up between a pre-pandemic term and a pandemic term, where his government had to rapidly shift focus to managing the health crisis. The Premier spoke about leadership during the pandemic, constantly adapting to the pace of change, and working with healthcare professionals to respond to the challenges and pressures facing the sector.

Premier Ford spoke candidly about how his experience in logistics, procurement, and marketing as a business owner translated into his leadership during the pandemic, particularly through the push for accelerated mask and personal protective equipment manufacturing early on. He noted that the capacity of Ontarians to come together and help one another during this time were among his proudest accomplishments as Premier.

Thank you, Premier Ford, for the opportunity to discuss your experience leading the province these past three years. It was a pleasure and honour to meet with you.

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