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Meeting with Dr. Irvin Studin

The OLIP interns sat down recently with Dr. Irvin Studin - academic, author, and former public servant - to discuss some current affairs and prevalent policy issues facing Canada and Canadian Governments. Dr. Studin completed his studies at York University and as a Rhodes Scholar, with some time spent with both the Canadian and Australian public service. While at the Privy Council Office in Ottawa, he worked on files relating to Iraq, Afghanistan, health and international affairs. His work in the government informed his fascination and understanding of the national “psyche,” and led him to an interest in a Canadian-centric approach to addressing public policy.

Dr. Studin described how the Institute for 21st Century Questions was born from his observed need for more Canadian sources discussing problems and Canadian policy solutions. He describes one of the perspectives he has on the unique position that Canada holds on the global stage, with borders that face the world’s greatest powers of America, Europe, Russia and China. Canada relies heavily on these relationships for security, trade, amongst other foreign policy objectives. He warned us about several permutations of tensions that may arise from these four sources that could contribute to tensions here in Canada. Dr. Studin then went on to describe six crises faced currently in Canada. We were not surprised to see health and economic crises on the list, given the current situation we face due to the pandemic. Dr. Studin offered us a unique perspective on these challenges faced with a Canadian lens.

We are very grateful to Dr. Studin for taking the time to meet with us during these uncertain and unique times!

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