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Meeting with Bombardier

We had the pleasure of meeting with representatives Sandra Buckler, Senior Director of External Affairs and Public Relations, Julie-Andree Maisonneuve, an Advisor of Government Affairs and Yana Lukasheh, Manager of Government Affairs at Bombardier Inc. Bombardier has been a generous sponsor of OLIP for years and it is always a delight to hear about their work; it isn’t every day that you have the opportunity to explore Canada’s cutting-edge aerospace sector!

Bombardier is a Canadian company founded in 1942 and credited with having invented the snowmobile. This innovation would revolutionize travel in snow and swampy conditions, and until the 1970s, would be their sole focus. The company diversified into the rail transportation industry in the 1970s and has since produced trains used throughout Europe, the US, and Canada. Perhaps the most exciting division, aviation, was launched in the 1980s following the acquisition of Canadian aerospace marvel Canadair.

Following a series of ambitious actions, Bombardier looks quite different than it did a few years ago. Today, their crown jewels are their line of business jets which demand the ingenuity that only Bombardier possesses. They also continue to employ over 60,000 people in the interconnected supply chain, creating lots of opportunities in the Canadian aerospace sector.

Their government relations team, mentioned above, discussed their role in serving as a bridge between the government and such a large organization. It was interesting to notice how this team's mandate differs from other sectors. They were very generous with their time and were sure to leave all of our fun questions answered!

Thank you Bombardier, for being a loyal OLIP sponsor and for taking the time to provide us with unique experiences as you always have!

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