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Legislative Assembly Office Placement: Rhea

I had the incredible opportunity to complete my Legislative Assembly branch placement with Legislative Research. I was interested in learning about the Legislative Research team’s contributions to evidence-based decision making, their research process, and how their work supports members and committees. I was grateful to have gained exposure to a wide range of activities in the office, through the various projects I was involved in. 

One of my major projects was updating a research brief on COVID-19 Vaccines to include information regarding variants and boosters. I collaborated with Research Officer Alex Alton, and together we worked through selecting the most relevant research and communicating information in an accessible manner. I was thrilled that I was able to draw on my background in health sciences to conduct this research; I even had the opportunity to use a database that I had maintained as a research assistant! Each step of the process allowed me to glean insight into the importance of accuracy and detail in the work of a Research Officer, as well as the role of collaboration between team members on everything from writing to editing to graphic design. 

I also completed background research on how jurisdictions across Canada have approached Indigenous reconciliation, where I gained greater appreciation for the thorough research the office is able to complete on tight deadlines. I also worked on smaller projects on topics such as Daylight Savings Time and Northern Vehicle Collisions, getting to know members of the team from across the office!  

I want to give a huge thank you to my supervisor Nick Ruderman, and everyone at Legislative Research for taking the time to make my placement both highly educational and enjoyable!  

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