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Legislative Assembly Office Placement: Razan

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Committees in the Procedural Services Branch, where I learned about how committees contribute to the legislative process in Ontario. I was interested in this placement because I wanted to gain more insight into how committees review and consider bills.  

Throughout my placement, I was able to meet with the clerks of each of the Legislative Assembly’s committees. I heard from all the clerks about the differences between their committees and their particular insights into how their committee affects the legislative process. The clerks were very generous with their time, and they gave me the opportunity to ask a lot of questions!  

I also worked on a procedural note to explain how committees work, a procedural note explaining the clause-by-clause process of committees as they assess a bill, and a procedural note on the Public Hearings process in committees. My final project was updating and editing the document for applying for Private Legislation, to make it more accessible to the public.  

A special thank you to Thushitha Kobikrishna, for her guidance during my placement, to Christopher Tyrell for answering my questions and enthusiasm for OLIP, and to Isaiah Thorning for taking me through the Government Agencies committee process! I appreciate all the time they took to sit down with me and how they made me feel like a valued member of the team!  

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