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The year is 2015. Led by Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s governing Liberal Party is well over a year into their renewed majority parliament. Ten interns take their first steps as OLIPers beyond the large, embracing arches of the pink palace. All seems calm. Yet, the calm is a façade. Over the next eight months, they will witness the unfolding of the Hydro One privatization fiasco, an overhaul of Ontario’s sex-ed system, and record levels of deficit spending. It is the year of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report. It is the year that Trudeau’s federal Liberal Party turns the tides of the ruling Conservative Party with a majority mandate. It’s the sign of a new era in Canada. It’s a year that the interns, let alone Ontario, will ever forget. That’s because it’s also the beginning of the end for Premier Wynne’s Liberals in their fourth term.

Despite the mix of events that the interns would witness and partake in, the 40th cohort had no shortage of memorable moments, unforgettable meetings, and everlasting friendships. OLIP alumnus Sara O’Sullivan distinctly recalls a reception that the interns held in the main lobby of the Legislature, complete with balloons, a photo booth, and a large complement of other OLIP alumni. Add to this their experiences dogsledding in Yellowknife, time spent in Ottawa, Quebec, Ohio, Calgary, and even visiting the Six Nations of the Grand River. What a blast!

Today, the 40th cohort can be found in various professions across the globe, and we thank them for continuing to connect with every new cohort since. These ten alumni highlight an OLIP staple; the sky is the limit!

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