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Sponsor Spotlight - CIBC

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

CIBC is a long-standing sponsor of OLIP, and the interns recently had the opportunity to speak with Elisabeth Laratta and Meredith Taylor from the company’s Government Relations team. They gave us an excellent inside look into the work that they do connecting CIBC and the banking sector with the government. Using the analogy of “translation”, Laratta and Taylor described how they facilitate effective communication between the banking sector and the government. Their ability to speak both the language of banking and the language of government allows them to ensure that the priorities of each are “translated” accurately to the other. Such effective communication results in stronger policy and legislation because the banking sector can more effectively communicate their needs to the government and provide feedback on proposed legislation.

Additionally, by keeping an eye on what is going on at Queen’s Park, the Government Relations team at CIBC can ensure that their leaders are aware of legislation that is forthcoming and its potential impacts on the business or the banking sector. This allows CIBC to mitigate any potential risks and take advantage of opportunities created by legislation. The better informed they are, the better they can prepare for or even influence any legislative or regulatory changes put forward by the government. As we begin our MPP placements, we are all reminded of the privilege we have to be in this Programme to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the relationship between the Government and different stakeholders.

Our meeting with CIBC highlighted the importance of understanding the thought and decision making processes within government; our MPP placements will provide us with insight into these areas and we are excited to learn as much as we can! Thank you CIBC for your continued support of OLIP!

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