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Sponsor Spotlight - AMAPCEO

AMAPCEO is a long-standing sponsor of the OLIP and also agreed to be the official sponsor of our 45th Anniversary Speaker Series this year! We are very grateful to AMAPCEO for their amazing support of the OLIP and particularly to Mr. Dave Bulmer, President of AMAPCEO, who always takes the time to meet with the OLIP interns each year.

This year, OLIP alumnus Benjamin Rossiter joined him and recounted to us his own academic and professional journey. We always enjoy hearing OLIP alumni recount the path they took to where they are today because it gives us a better sense of the options that exist for us after the OLIP, and the ways that we can leverage our current experiences to further our careers. Mr. Rossiter also took the time to walk us through an overview of AMAPCEO’s history and its work as the union of more than 14,000 professional employees, including many members of Ontario’s Public Service. Mr. Bulmer followed this with an engaging discussion of his perspective on the importance of unions like AMAPCEO as catalysts for change, fighting for workers’ rights that then spill over into the rest of society. He also shared many pieces of advice and insight with us as we start our careers. Thank you to both Mr. Bulmer and Mr. Rossiter for taking the time to talk with us, tell us about the important work that AMAPCEO does, and share some of your own advice with us. We enjoyed it a lot!

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