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Placement Post - Ritika with MPP Nina Tangri

For my spring placement, I am fortunate to be working in the office of MPP Nina Tangri, the Progressive Conservative representative for Mississauga-Streetsville. Mississauga-Streetsville is an incredibly diverse riding, and home to big and small businesses, as well as many family-owned restaurants. A major focus of my office is providing support to these enterprises as they navigate the pandemic.

Another priority in MPP Tangri’s office is helping to facilitate the rollout of the vaccine and combat vaccine hesitancy through an educational campaign. This year’s cohort has the unique opportunity to see how our government manages the pandemic, striking a balance between protecting public health while also considering the economy.

Moreover, MPP Tangri is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. As such, I have been able to witness MPP Tangri support businesses as they decide whether they would like to locate themselves in Ontario. Additionally, job creation is very important right now as many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, thus making this a very interesting and educational placement.

Being a business owner herself, MPP Tangri joined politics to support businesses and make life more affordable for Ontarians. It has been very informative witnessing MPP Tangri accomplish these objectives, especially in the midst of a global health emergency.

I would like to thank MPP Tangri for this wonderful opportunity to learn from her, along with Kosta, Keith, Saroj and Jaspreet, who gave me a very warm welcome and continued support.

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