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Placement Post- Monica with MPP Rasheed

MPP Kaleed Rasheed is the Progressive Conservative Member for Mississauga East-Cooksville. This riding is a suburban mix of residences and small businesses and represents the diversity found in Ontario. MPP Rasheed's is a first time MPP and has a background in business. His children were the central motivation behind his entrance into politics, and he hopes to help realize a better future for his children and future generations through his work at Queens Park.

During my time with MPP Rasheed, I have been fully immersed in all aspects of the office's work. From speech writing and policy briefings to stakeholder relations and constituency outreach, every day has been different. As Deputy Whip, MPP Kaleed and his team work closely with the Whip’s Office to fulfil the whip duties. This relationship has allowed me to understand the role of the Whip's Office and even help out with votes, which are currently happening in the lobbies due to physical distancing measures. I was also fortunate enough to be with the office during the tabling of MPP Rasheed's most recent PMB and to see the process behind this.

Although I have enjoyed the work, the best part of the office has to be the people. MPP Rasheed, Kasia, his Legislative Assistant, and the rest of the team have welcomed me since day one and made me feel right at home. I am so thankful for their support and willingness to make my experience the best it can be. It would not be the same without them!

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