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Partner Blog: OREA

The OLIP interns were very grateful to be hosted for a lunch with one of our long-standing Purple Trillium Partners, the Ontario Real Estate Association. We enjoyed learning about OREA’s role in advocating on behalf of Ontario’s Realtors, and what that advocacy looks like in the midst of a housing crisis. We were impressed to learn that OREA represents over 100,000 Realtors in Ontario, and enjoyed hearing about the many ways OREA’s team works to keep their members engaged. We also particularly enjoyed learning about OREA’s government relations work. 


We were joined for lunch by Jason Lagerquist and Dia Mukherjee from OREA’s government relations team. Both Jason and Dia are former OLIP interns, which made our lunch meeting extra special. We enjoyed hearing about both their times as OLIP interns and how the skills they learned as interns have helped guide their careers since. Finally, we enjoyed discussing our upcoming reception, which OREA is the headline sponsor of. It was a pleasure to discuss the upcoming event, and it was great to hear that the OREA team is just as excited as we are.  


Thank you, Jason and Dia, for hosting us for lunch, and to the entire OREA team for your ongoing support of OLIP. We truly could not do it without you, and value your partnership immensely.  

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