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Partner Blog: Ontario Community Newspapers’ Association

The OLIP interns were pleased to be visited by one of our longstanding partners, the Ontario Community Newspapers’ Association. OCNA’s Executive Director, Gordon Cameron, was wonderfully engaging, and told the interns about the complexities of running a print newspaper in the digital age and shared about the difficulty of leading a professional organization for a rapidly changing industry. While much of our meeting was admittedly focused on the various difficulties that the news media sector is facing, particularly when it comes to print newspapers, the interns left the meeting feeling rather optimistic about the role of print media in our society. 

 Gordon shared with us the impact that local community newspapers have in their communities – often smaller towns or villages where readership is quite high. The impact of this local media resonated with the interns and made us all reflect on the importance of local media to democracy. Gordon also shared some insights gained from the many executive roles he has held with the OCNA, and it was very interesting to hear about his career in media.  


Thank you, Gordon, for joining us at the Legislature, and to the Ontario Community Newspaper Association for your ongoing support of OLIP. 

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