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Partner Blog: CNIC

The OLIP interns had the chance to meet with Andrew Theile, Executive Director and former OLIP intern, Melody Greaves, the Manager Strategic Initiatives for the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council.  

The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC) is an independent, non-profit advocacy and member services organization. The CNIC supports over 85 members from science, academia, healthcare, and nuclear-sector organizations. The CNIC raises awareness and advocates for long-term policies that promote health-care innovation. The CNIC advocates for the continuous availability of isotopes, ensuring that public policies are risk-informed and science-based, and upholding the highest standards of public health and safety. 

It was a great meeting where we learned more about the work of the CNIC and the medical isotopes industry more broadly! Thank you, Andrew, Melody, and CNIC for your support of the programme. 

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