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Partner Blog: Bombardier

On May 5, the OLIP interns had the unique opportunity to meet with Bombardier representatives and tour their facilities. Sandra Buckler, Senior Director of External Affairs and Public Relations, Sophie Nielubowicz, Government Affairs Advisor, and Richard Vitrih, Director Site Services, generously hosted us and spoke about Bombardier’s initiatives.

Bombardier began with a young Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s design of the first snowmobile. His goal was simply to help people travel across the snow-covered roads of rural Québec in Canada. From this grew L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée ("Bombardier Snow Car Limited") which manufactured the 12-passenger B12 snowmobile. Years later, Bombardier continues to be a leader in the aviation industry and has become one of the world's biggest producers of aircraft and trains.

We were especially interested in Bombardier’s current sustainability initiatives, which their representatives were excited to share. Bombardier has been proactive in recognizing and tackling its climate change impact, focusing on aircraft efficiency and innovation to reduce fuel burn. Going forward, they continue to focus their efforts on improving energy efficiency in their operations.

Thank you, Bombardier, for taking the time to meet with us and give us such unique insight into the work that you! The OLIPers always enjoy our meetings with you and value our partnership!

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