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Partner Blog: AMAPCEO

The interns were so excited to travel to the AMAPCEO office to meet Dave Bulmer, President of AMAPCEO, Poonam Umaña, Executive Assistant to the President of AMAPCEO, Cynthia Watt, Vice-President of AMAPCEO, and Ben Rossiter, Team Lead, Labour Relations Bargaining and noted OLIP alumnus. Also known as Ontario’s Professional Employees, AMAPCEO is a non-partisan union that represents more than 15,000 professionals working in the public interest in Ontario.  

We were inspired by AMAPCEO and their members’ devotion to ensuring safe, fair, and fulfilling work and opportunities for professionals across Ontario. Dave, Cynthia, Ben, and Poonam shared the involvement of unions at all levels of government, and the importance of unions in an evolving economy. Their members work in every ministry in the Government of Ontario and in a growing number of provincial agencies, boards, and regulators. AMAPCEO represents professionals across Ontario not only when negotiating collective bargaining agreements, but every single day in their work through leadership, passion, and empathy, serving the interests of all Ontarians.  

AMAPCEO has been partnering with OLIP for more than 17 years. Thank you, to our gracious hosts, for sharing your insights, teaching us about unions, and for your continued dedication to both our programme and to professionals in Ontario. 

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