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Partner Blog: Achev

The interns visited Achev’s Toronto offices and heard from an OLIP alumna, Kristen Neagle. While catching up with this year’s OLIP interns, Kristen shared stories about her time as an OLIP intern, and her career path post-OLIP, which led her to her current role as Director of Government Relations & Strategic Partnerships at Achev. 

Achev provides employment, newcomer, language, youth, women and inclusion services in the Greater Toronto Area. Achev has been operating for over thirty years, and supported over 100,000 clients last year, and worked with 3,600 employers to expand diversity and inclusivity within their workplaces. 

The interns were keen to learn about Achev’s work and it was exciting to hear that Kristen’s time with OLIP directly impacted her progression into the government relations world. Kristen also shared how the connections and knowledge she gained as an OLIP intern continues to help her advocate for Achev when meeting with officials from various levels of government. 

Thank you to Kristen for our engaging discussion, and to Achev for its ongoing support of OLIP. We couldn’t do it without you!  

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