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Our Visit to Darlington Nuclear Powerplant

In March, we had the unique opportunity to visit the Darlington Nuclear Powerplant in Courtice, Ontario. Darlington is run by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) which is responsible for 50% of Ontario’s power. The plant is one of the largest employers in the Durham region and fosters strong connections with the community through events, information sessions and community feedback. OPG plays a vital role in the province's power generation to ensure it is reliable, safe, and expandable.  


During our tour, we saw the vastness of the Darlington Plant and property. It included greenspace, water systems, and emergency reserves on the property to prepare for the worst-case scenario.  From our tour guide, we learned about OPG’s new innovations to reach their NetZero goal by 2050. At Darlington, they are constantly coming up with new ways to reduce waste and prepare for an ever-expanding grid as Ontario’s electricity needs continue to grow. The tour showed us the many levels of safety that go into running a nuclear facility and the ways that people work hard to keep our lights on. The OPG team was thorough in their tour, and even showed us Spots, their robot tool that helps employees complete their tasks with ease.  


Thank you to Nicole Gruythuyzen for setting up the meeting and to Chuck Lamers and Lucas for being our excellent tour guides!  


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