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Our Meeting With The Sergeant-At-Arms

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The OLIP interns had the privilege of meeting an esteemed figure of the Legislative Assembly, Tim McGough, recently appointed Sergeant-at-Arms and Executive Director of the Precinct Properties Division.

We asked Mr. McGough many questions about his career journey, his current role and responsibilities. We were also able to pass around his infamous bicorne! His ceremonial roles -- the parade on the way to the House and pointing the Mace to the current government -- are also very significant, and they were very interesting to learn about. Mr. McGough also discussed how he ensures the safety of every person on the floor of the House.

To our surprise, a lot of Mr. McGough’s day-to-day work includes administration and budgeting. We were also impressed by his extensive knowledge of the Precinct Properties division and inspired by his ambitions for the future of the division.

It was great to meet the Sergeant-at-Arms, and we are thrilled to see him in action in the House! We would also like to formally extend our congratulations to Mr. McGough on his appointment as Sergeant-at-Arms!

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