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Our Meeting with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The OLIP interns were honoured to receive a warm welcome from Trevor Day, the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The Clerk is the chief permanent officer of the Assembly as well as the procedural expert in the Chamber. We discussed the Clerk’s role in overseeing the administration, advising the Speaker, interpreting procedure and practices, calling the votes, swearing-in newly elected MPPs, and more. Mr. Day was recently appointed as Clerk in June 2023, and we enjoyed learning about the various positions he had held during his career at the Assembly.

The Clerk provided insight on how he ensures the Chamber operates smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Day also shared some of his favourite aspects about clerking and some of the challenges of his job. We learned about how Queen’s Park has changed throughout Mr. Day's career, and how he expects the Legislative Assembly to continue to evolve in the coming years.

We felt particularly inspired by Mr. Day’s passion for democracy and upholding the democratic process through his work. He also provided us with some useful insight into navigating the Legislature as interns and professional advice on embarking on our careers. Along with his enthusiasm, his vast knowledge of the Legislature made for an enriching and powerful discussion.

We are truly thankful for Mr. Day’s time and for his constant and continued support of the programme.

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