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Our Meeting with Steve Paikin

Updated: Jan 31

The OLIP interns, a group of Ontario politics [#onpoli] devotees, highly anticipated the meeting with author and TVO anchor, Steve Paikin. Mr. Paikin's journalism has been a source of learning for many of us on our political journeys.  

Mr. Paikin did not disappoint. The very qualities that make his broadcasting style engaging also stood out in our meeting with him. He is articulate, knowledgeable, opinionated-whilst-fair, and (most important according to Paikin himself): curious. He also pushed us to be the same by sharing insights into how to a journalist asks good questions. 

Bringing over three decades of experience with him, it was a privilege for us to hear Mr. Paikin's perspectives on past lessons and future questions of two key parts of our democracy: parliamentary politics and journalism. Though as it turns out, he does not have psychic abilities (his answers to our questions about the future were not resolute), many of us will reflect upon the ideas and wisdom shared by the iconic Steve Paikin for years to come. 

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