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Our Meeting with Premier Doug Ford

The interns had the distinct honour of meeting with the 26th Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Doug Ford. Premier Ford generously hosted us in his office at Queen’s Park, and he very kindly took time out of his busy schedule to meet with us and share his insights from his six years as the Premier and his time as a Toronto City Councillor. The interns had many questions for Premier Ford, and his answers touched on many aspects of the role of a premier, and the role of provincial governments within Canada. 


We particularly enjoyed Premier Ford’s candid reflections on his introduction to politics at a young age through his father, who served as an MPP in the 1990s. We also enjoyed hearing the Premier speak about his brother, Rob Ford, who served as Mayor of Toronto. It was clear that Premier Ford is still inspired by his brother and his commitment to Toronto. Premier Ford also spoke about how his time at Toronto City Hall impacted his approach to the relationships between the Province of Ontario and municipal governments across the province. 


Our time with the Premier concluded with him showing us around his office and unique decor and memorabilia on display, and with the Premier kindly taking photos with each intern. The interns truly appreciated Premier Ford’s candor, and his willingness to take the time to meet with us. Thank you, Premier Ford, for your time and kind words! 

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