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Our Meeting with Peter MacKay

The OLIP Interns had the pleasure of meeting former MP and Cabinet Minister, Peter MacKay. Mr. MacKay spoke about his extensive political career and shared the many lessons he learned along the way. He served as Member of Parliament for the Nova Scotia riding of Pictou—Antigonish—Guysborough for 18 years and took on the roles of Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of National Defence, and Minister of Foreign Affairs under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

From working as a Crown Attorney for the Central Region of Nova Scotia to holding high-profile cabinet portfolios, Mr. MacKay spoke about the highs and lows of federal politics. He illustrated the importance of leading with kindness, a clear vision, and taking risks when necessary.

We had in-depth conversations about some of the many prominent events that punctuated his time in politics, including his experience trying to safely evacuate Canadians in Lebanon during the Lebanon–Israel–Hezbollah crisis as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr. MacKay also went into detail on his role in the historic merging of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and The Canadian Alliance in 2003, and his work as the Minister of National Defence in supporting Canadian troops during the Afghanistan war. When speaking about Canada’s position on the world stage, Mr. MacKay emphasized the opportunities he sees for Canada to play an important role in global affairs and multi-lateral relationships.

Thank you, Mr. MacKay, for taking the time to speak with us and sharing your insights!

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