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Our Meeting With MPP Bobbi Ann Brady

The OLIP interns had the opportunity to meet Bobbi Ann Brady, the only elected Independent MPP in the Ontario Legislature. MPP Brady represents the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk, where one of our interns, Olivia, is a constituent. MPP Brady worked for her predecessor, Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett, for over 20 years before being elected herself. She has a deep understanding of how things work at Queen’s Park and a genuine passion for public service.

MPP Brady shared that many doubted her chances of success in the 2022 provincial election as an Independent candidate. However, she recounted how the constituents of Haldimand-Norfolk believed in her and supported her throughout the election.

We asked MPP Brady about the challenges of being an Independent member in the Legislature, and we were glad to learn that she does not view certain obstacles as challenges. Independent MPPs operate differently than those in the Government or Official Opposition, and MPP Brady enjoys voting on issues that matter to her constituents. It is evident that MPP Brady is dedicated to her constituents and values spending time in her riding, listening to and supporting them.

Thank you, MPP Brady, for taking the time to meet with us. We appreciated your honesty and openness. See you around Queen’s Park!

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