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Our Meeting with Metrolinx

The OLIP interns had the pleasure of visiting the Metrolinx office, located in Union Station, to learn more about their government relations and community engagement work. We were pleased to be hosted by Jocelyn Short, Manager and Senior Advisor to the Chief Safety Officer, and former OLIP administrative team member! The interns enjoyed hearing about the complexity of the day-to-day work that goes into keeping Toronto and the GTA moving. 

It was also interesting hearing about how Metrolinx approaches its government relations and public relations work. Since Metrolinx already has agreements in place with the provincial government to build several large infrastructure projects (such as the Ontario Line and the Eglington Crosstown LRT) its relationship with the government is different than most companies, as they are in constant communication with the Ministry of Transportation and the Premier’s Office. As a result, much of their time is spent on public relations. As frequent TTC and GO riders, the interns enjoyed hearing about Metrolinx’s efforts to continually improve service and its relationship with riders. 

Thank you, Jocelyn, for hosting us at the Metrolinx office! We enjoyed hearing about your work and we wish you all the best! 

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