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Our Meeting with Former Premier Dalton McGuinty

This week, the OLIP interns had the distinct pleasure of meeting with former Premier, Dalton McGuinty. He generously shared stories from his time in office, reflections from a career in politics, and hopes for what is to come in Ontario. 

Throughout our conversation, Premier McGuinty emphasized the importance of cultivating collective wisdom. He likened his role of Premier to being in the Crowsnest of a ship, looking out onto the horizon to plot the best course for the next decade, while collaborating with others and balancing a healthy collision of ideas. Premier McGuinty’s reflection served as an apt reminder to continue leaning on and learning from each other as we navigate our course through OLIP! When prompted to reflect on his ten-year stint as Premier, Mr. McGuinty thoughtfully noted that there is “no greater purpose than to serve, and no greater honor than to be in a position to help people.” Some of his proudest accomplishments include introducing full-day kindergarten, closing Ontario’s coal mines, and increasing protected land in the Greenbelt. 

We were happy to hear Premier McGuinty assure us he was “irrepressibly optimistic” about the future. He impressed upon us that a good leader appeals to the better angels of our nature and harnesses the natural commitment that persists from one generation to make things better for the next. 

Thank you, Premier McGuinty, for sharing with us your insights, and encouraging us to find ways to make meaningful differences in our careers! 

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