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Our Meeting with Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam

The OLIP interns were fortunate enough to meet Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. Councillor Wong-Tam is the Councillor for Ward 13, the area and constituents for the provincial riding of Parkdale-High-Park. Councillor Wong-Tam has served on Toronto City Council from 2010 and as a result, had insights from her expansive career in municipal government.

Councillor Wong-Tam shared that during her career as Councillor, she often witnessed provincial matters and municipal matters overlapping with one another and requiring multi-level government support and collaboration. In many instances, Councillor Wong-Tam believes that government collaboration can truly help solve many issues in her community and in the City of Toronto. She says that this was on display during the pandemic, but similar collaboration is necessary to solve complex problems like the housing crisis.

She answered our many questions with great detail and was interested to hear our perspectives and experiences with OLIP.

Thank you very much, Councillor Wong-Tam for your time and insights. We had such a wonderful meeting with you and learned so much!

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