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MPP Placement: Steffi and MPP Natalia Kusendova-Bashta

My first MPP placement was with MPP Kusendova-Bashta who represents Mississauga-Centre. I was thankful to be brought onto the team and I enjoyed how young and dynamic the office is. I got to try my hand at many different tasks in the office: writing speeches, stakeholder relations, correspondence, and PMB work. 

At the time, MPP Kusendova-Bashta was the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Francophone Affairs and I particularly enjoyed working with the Francophone community. I had the incredible opportunity to attend Francophone events all over the GTA. One of my favourite events was attending a luncheon at the “Francophone Club l’Age d’Or”, a seniors francophone club in Toronto, where I was able to chat with Francophone seniors and enjoy a lunch together. 

Another event that stands out to me from my time in the office is MPP Kusendova-Bashta’s New Year’s Levee. This event was held in a community centre in the riding and about 200 community members and stakeholders attended. There were different cultural groups performing, speeches, and lots of delicious food. It was interesting to see MPP Kusendova-Bashta and the team engage with community members and put on such a large, well-attended event. 


A huge thank you to MPP Kusendova-Bashta and the team for making my first placement a positive experience.  

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