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MPP Placement: Rhea & MPP Adil Shamji

I had the wonderful opportunity to complete my first MPP placement with MPP Adil Shamji, who represents the riding of Don Valley East. One of many Toronto ridings, Don Valley East stands out for its unique integration of urban development with the nearby nature of the Don River Valley. The riding is also home to many interesting sites, including the Ontario Science Centre, the Aga Khan Museum, and Don Mills, which was the first planned community in Canada! 

Throughout my four months, MPP Shamji ensured I had the chance to try my hand at nearly everything that came through the office, allowing me to understand the breadth of tasks political staffers are engaged in. From the art of crafting debate remarks and questions, to supporting scrums, organizing press conferences (at one point, on a weekly basis!), liaising with stakeholder organizations, planning a roundtable discussion, writing form letters, and communicating with constituents, I am very grateful to have been exposed to it all! 

As an Independent Member, MPP Shamji is responsible for numerous critic portfolios, including Health, Colleges and Universities, Northern Development, and Indigenous Affairs. In addition to being exposed to hot-button topics within these portfolios, I also gained an understanding for the unique intersections between these files and an appreciation of what a birds-eye view of issues and policy can reveal. Given the complexities and vast size of each of these files, they are often operated in silos; however, I found that by having to balance numerous files at once, the team was able to draw unique connections between the areas, such as between Northern infrastructure and healthcare access, bringing a fresh perspective to the legislature.  

Constituency weeks provided me with an opportunity to visit the riding and experience Don Valley East firsthand. During one such visit, I accompanied MPP Shamji as he visited local non-profits in the riding to discuss their mission, impact, and roadblocks. In addition to learning more about the communities across the riding, I also gained greater insight into the importance of investing time in relationship building, to ensure elected officials can truly act as a bridge between their communities and the legislature.  

I want to extend a massive thank you to MPP Shamji, Lorne, Ahmed, and Palwashah for making me feel part of the team, and contributing to such a fantastic first placement!  

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