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MPP Placement Blog: Teah x MPP Gallagher Murphy

For my spring placement, I am excited to be working with MPP Gallagher Murphy, who represents Newmarket—Aurora.

This placement has been both an exciting glimpse at MPP Gallagher Murphy’s legislative work and community engagement, and it has been illuminating to see how the two connect. I was lucky to start my term by helping her prepare for second reading of her Private Member’s Bill—which would recognize June as Seniors’ Month—a process that included gathering input from seniors’ organizations across southern Ontario and writing her introductory speech.

I have also gotten the opportunity to visit and learn more about the social, economic and political landscape of the riding: As a suburban, somewhat rural and outer-GTA riding comprised of smaller towns, Newmarket—Aurora is home to many manufacturing facilities that drive its local economy. I have been privileged to also visit some of the local non-profit organizations in the area to understand the incredible work they do to support the community, as well as their needs and where the Ontario government can support them.

MPP Gallagher Murphy is Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health, and I look forward to meeting healthcare stakeholders and delving into research on health policy. Thank you to MPP Gallagher Murphy, EA Martin, and the constituency team for welcoming and supporting me!

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