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MPP Placement Blog: Lucas x MPP Fraser

For my second MPP Placement I am proud to be working with MPP John Fraser. MPP Fraser is the Member for Ottawa South and two-time Interim Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. MPP Fraser has been an MPP since 2013 and was involved in politics prior to running as a candidate. He has lived in Ottawa South his whole life, moving for the first time when he got his apartment in Toronto as an MPP. His passion for his riding and his constituents is at the root of everything that goes on in this office. He has a genuine interest in improving people’s lives and that feeling is palpable. I witnessed this sentiment first-hand during my visit to Ottawa South, where MPP Fraser toured me around the riding and brought me to meet community leaders and members alike. His passion isn’t for partisan politics, but for creating institutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout my time in MPP Fraser’s office, I have been fortunate to shape policy, draft speeches, statements, quotes, and questions. Truly, it is the variety of work that has made this placement so rewarding. That, and the people I’ve gotten to work with. MPP Fraser is the kind of (interim) leader everybody aspires to work for. His EA and Chief of Staff, OLIP alumnus Eric Osborne, made the office as welcoming as I could ask for. The two of them, as well as media liaison Carter, created an environment that made the monumental task of being a party without official party status exciting.

Through Budget Day, countless Question Periods, and my constituency visit, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this office. My sincere thanks to them for the warm welcome, and best wishes for the future.

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