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Goodbye from the 2022-2023 OLIP Interns

On behalf of the 47th cohort of OLIP Interns, allow me to say goodbye and thank just a few of the people that made this year special.

We could not be more grateful to each and every person that worked to make our journey with OLIP so wonderful. We’ve travelled North America, and soon beyond, we’ve met with some of the most influential leaders , and we’ve made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our guests, who were kind enough to share their time and their wisdom, provided insights that prior to this year, many of us only dreamed. For a group of political nerds such as ourselves, their stories were a real treat. They never failed to treat us with dignity and respect, and for that, we are grateful. We desperately hope to carry these relationships with us into the future, but whether or not we meet again, their words will endure.

The MPPs and staff at Queen’s Park are at the heart of each cohort’s experience. I can say with sincerity that they did not disappoint. The big personalities and booming voices kept each of us on our toes throughout our tenure, but in the best of ways. We received the jovial welcomes, raucous stories, and hearty goodbyes that make the characters of Queen’s Park so memorable. For their mentorship, kind words, and help along the way, we are forever grateful.

Each and every partner that supports us, whether we spoke in person or not, is an integral part of OLIP and what we do is not possible without them. For every one of them, we are grateful.

We leave you now to join the scores of OLIP alumni that wish only the best for the next cohort. We say this goodbye not with sadness, but gratitude. OLIP is forever a part of us, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful things that future cohorts will achieve.

Thank you and all the best,

The 47th OLIP cohort

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