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Office of the Legislative Assembly Branch placement: Lucas

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

For my Assembly branch placement, I had the pleasure of working with the Canadian Parliamentary Review (CPR). The CPR is a journal that promotes an understanding of and interest in Canada’s provincial, federal, and territorial parliaments.

I was lucky enough to contribute to the CPR by researching and writing an original article for an upcoming edition of the journal. My research allowed me to sort through historical news sources and write about a little-known instance of attempted terrorism at Ontario’s former parliament building. I also worked to organize a round-table discussion for current and former parliamentarians that returned to office after time away in between terms. I hope this discussion will help bring together Canadian politicians with similar experiences and provide insight for others that may walk a similar path.

I’d like to thank Will, Tiffany, Dave, and everyone else in the Information Services department for making me feel welcome and helping me succeed during my placement.

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