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Scroll through for a list of OLIP alumni from over the years - and check out the many academic papers written along the way.

1976 - 77

Terrance "Terry" Jacques

Angela Longo


Frank Lowery


Peter McBride


Peter Rekai


David Tarasofsky

Opposition Under Siege: The Dilemma Of The Ontario Liberal Party


Graham White

Teaching The Mongrel Dog New Tricks: Sources And Directions Of Legislative Reform In The Thirtieth Parliament

1977 - 78

Douglas "Doug" Arnott


Jean Charbonneau


Gail Wood (née Hogarth)


Nicholas "Nick" Marrone

Queen's Park Press Gallery


Barbara Anderson (née Poulsen)


Anne Waddell (née Townend)


Christopher "Chris" Waddell

Majority Power In A Minority Situation: The Ontario Legislature And The Proposed Ontario Health Insurance Plan Premium Increase, Spring 1978


Grant Wedge

Profile Of Bud Wildman - A Northern MPP

1978 - 79

John Ryder-Burbidge

Jacquie Chic


Margaret Evans


Martha Hanna (née Barber)


Kathryn Jordan


Jonathan Lomas


John Shalagan


Alan Sobel

1979 - 80

Mary Elizabeth "Mary Beth" Currie

Kathleen"Kathy" Hall


Kevin Lamarque


Michael "Mike" Nicholas

Richard Théoret


Charles Wiebe

1980 - 81

Robert "Rob" Campbell

Ontario's Political Culture: A Critical Analysis 

Gordon Cochrane

Question Period: Government And Opposition Strategies 

David Doherty

The Effectiveness Of Question Period In The Legislature Of Ontario


Robin Esco

An Outline Of The Expenditure Budgetary Process Of The Ontario Government 


Terri Hilborn

Private Members' Bills And Resolutions In The Ontario Legislature


Roberta Jessup 

The Select Committee On Plant Shutdowns And Employee Adjustment


Naomi Overend

Fear And Loathing At Queen's Park: How The Press Gallery Is Viewed, How It Views … 


W. John Wright

A Matter Of Prejudice: Reflections On The "Re-Mor" Affair

1981 - 82

Daniel A. Cayen

Elizabeth "Liz" Deichert


Robert "Rob" Donelson

The Liberal Task Force On Jobs For Youth: An Intern's Perspective 

Mary J. Gibbons

Ontario's Public Accounts Committee: In Theory And In Practice


Leona Watson (née Lang)

Myth Or Reality? Democracy In The NDP: The Ontario New Democratic Party Convention 1982 


Monica Nietzert

… And Good Government: The Decline Of The Ontario Legislature


Robert S. Speller


Jeffrey Ewart "Jeff" Canning


Louise Anna-Marie Comeau

Getting In Touch With The Ontario Legislature

Roman Wasyl Franko

Members, Motivations, And Constituency Service: A Case Study


Judith A. "Judie" Mulholland

Queen's Park And The Technological Imperative: The Case Of The Ontario Legislative Assembly And New Information Technology 

Timothy John "Tim" Murphy


Christine Maria Peringer

One Intern's Reflections On The Legislative Assembly 

Gordon Scott Webb

Wrestling Inflation And The Opposition To The Ground: The NDP Delay Of Bill 179

Christopher Charles "Chris" White


William Dixon "Bill" Acres

Opposition Party Caucus Task Forces In Ontario: A Case Study: The NDP 'Work, People And Technological Change Task Force' October 12, 1983 To February 22, 1984 


Annette Boucher

Ontario's Ministerial Estimates

David Owen "Dave" Fraser

The Role Of The Backbencher In Government-Business Relations: The Greymac Affair: A Case Study

Peter Andrew Johnson

Ministerial Responsibility In Ontario


Alexandra Olena "Alex" Kostiw

Party Discipline In The Ontario Legislature


Lorraine Adele Linea Luski

Cheryl Diane Mitchell

The Politics Of Written Questions In Ontario


Catherine Ann "Cathy" Thompson

The Parliamentary Assistant In Ontario


Elizabeth Diane "Beth" Arnott (née Moreau)

Power And The Lieutenant-Governor: An Overview Of The Traditional Role Of The Lieutenant-Governor In Canada And Its Significance In 1985 Ontario


David Campbell Docherty

The Relationship Between The Press And The Private Member In Ontario Politics

Marilyn Christine Domagalski


Catherine Sally Anne "Cathy" Fooks

Women At Work, Women At Home: The Politics Of Day Care In Ontario

Ronald Martin "Ron" Hoffman

Lobbying Queen'S Park: "The Status Quo Is Change"


Joydeep Mukherji

Rural MPPs: Constituent Expectations And How Members Meet Them

Timothy David "Tim" Welch

The New Democratic Party In The 1985 Ontario Election


Michael Terrence Yeo

Inside The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme


Marya Helena Duckworth

 The NDP Task Force On Health And Safety, 1986: Some Observations Of A Legislative Intern

Patrick Conrad Fafard

Almost But Not Quite: A Critical Assessment Of Budget Reform In Ontario

Ruth Flynn-Fletcher


Mary Catherine Ann Kirley

Pay Equity And The Consultation Process: Appearance Versus Reality

James David McLennan


Cheryl Elaine Parry

Bill 65 - First Contract Arbitration: The Policy And The Process

Monika Anne Turner

"Wake Up Dear, The Earth Just Moved": A Look At The 1985 Ontario Provincial Election


Julia Lyndon Deans (née Wilson)

The ABC's Of Being An MPP: The Role Socialization Of New Legislators At Queen's Park


Jennifer Ruth Bowman (née Cole)

Men, Women, And Others: The Politics Of Women's Issues In Ontario


Janet E. Edwards

Susan Louise "Sue" Fenton (née Forestell)

Lobbying At Queen's Park


David James Harvey

"Keeping The Machine Going": The Role Of House Leaders In The Ontario Legislature


Gayle Elizabeth Laws

The Party Of The Underdogs: An Analysis Of The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party In The Role Of The Official Opposition 


Sine "Sheena" Anne MacKinnon

Stanislaw "Stan" Szulc

Parliamentary Privileges In Ontario 

Carolyn Sarah Thomson

"This Place": The Culture Of Queen's Park


Bohdana Ivanka Dutka

The Role Of The Ontario Standing Committee On Finance And Economic Affairs In The Budget Process Of Ontario 

Douglas Stephen "Doug" Greenwood

The Ontario NDP's Press Coverage: A Distant Second, And Rightly So

Yvonne Lavallee

Some Reflections On A Year Spent As An Ontario Legislative Intern


Jeffery John "Jeff" Nankivell

Conflict Of Interest And The Ontario Legislature: A Case Study

Victor Yutaka "Vic" Nishi


Jerald Steven Owczar 

The Twilight Of Political Naiveté: A Personal Account 

Alison Gay Pipa

Sunset Legislation And The Ontario Legislature 


Laurie Lynn Stone (née Savage)

Kimberly Victoria "Kim" Kirkup (née Weslak)

Rookie MPPs: Political Socialization And Party Discipline At Queen's Park 


Paul Henry Davidson

The Basics Of Lobbying At Queen's Park: An Introductory Guide For Smaller Organizations

Laura Bond Farquharson

Opposition Task Forces: The NDP Northern Health Care Study 

Karen V. Jones

Plans For Action: Ontario Government Programs For Women 

Rosemary Hnatiuk​

Notes And Observations On The Production Of OLIP "The Video"

James Mark Langdon

Government Backbenchers: Tactics And Influence 


Ashley Jennifer McCall (née Newman)

Extending The Limitations Act For Victims Of Sexual Assault: A Case Study Of A Private Member'S Bill 

Christopher John Schnarr

Question Period Strategies In The Ontario Legislature 


Brian David Wylynko

The Analysis Of A Private Members' Bill: The Animals For Research Act 

Gemma Zecchini

Notes And Observations On The Production Of OLIP "The Video"


Shaun Brendan Cody

The Role Of Constituency Fund-Raising Events: A Case Study


Janice Mary Duggan

Bills 131 And 132: A Case Study In Legislative Frustration 

Marianne Camille Goodwin

 The Parti Québécois And The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leadership Process: A Compa

Christine Happel

Changes To The Committee System Since 1987: Institutional Tinkering Or Progressive Reform?

Deirdre Joan Hilary

Question Period And Media Coverage Of Environmental Issues 


Christopher H. "Chris" Jones

Question Period Tactics And The Ontario New Democratic Party

Helen Jacqueline "Jackie" Lines

Bill 80 And The Fate Of The Ontario Ombudsman


Helen Suzanne Schwenger

Policy, Consultation And Legitimacy Through Legislative Committees: The Case Of The Select Committee On Education

Catherine Mary Steele

Committee Review Of Legislation: The Employer Health Tax Act


Guy Campion Charlton

The Effect Of Backbenchers On Policy In The Ontario Legislature: The Agricultural Finance Review Committee


Donald Alexander "Don" Figol

The Parliamentary Assistant In The NDP Government


Catherine Mary Frost

Bill 15 And The Mandatory Retirement Debate: A Study In Political Discourse


Paul James Clifford Holmes

An Examination Of Members' Demographic Profiles And Backgrounds In Four Provinces And The National Parliament


Gerard John McDonald

The Caucus Involvement Process In The NDP Government


Megan McIlroy


Vonbrun Oluwole James "Von" Palmer

Ontario Liberal Party Leadership Selection: The Search For A New Process 


Toby Max Zanin

The Politics Of Homosexuality: The Origins And Evolution Of The Gay Rights Movement In Ontario And Its Relationship With The Ontario New Democratic Party , 1969-1991​


Colin Bhattacharjee


Julia Ruth Bloomenfeld


Kenneth Edward "Ken" Burns

The Partisan Bureaucracy In The Ontario NDP Government

Catherine E. A. Curtis

Not Without Caucus: Comparing The Liberal And NDP Caucuses


Lynn Eileen Gidluck

Out Of The Wilderness But Still Feeling The Aftershocks: The New Democratic Party In Ontario Since September 6, 1990


Rachel Louise Grasham

Selling The 1992 Budget: Backbench MPPs And Government


Valerie Ann Moore

The Ontario Legislature's Appointments Review Process


Heather Margaret Plewes

The Ontario Legislature'S Appointment Review Process


Gordon Wong

Not Without Caucus: Comparing The Liberal And NDP Caucuses 


Ana-Maria Bohorquez


Julie Marie Dorsch


Anders Michael Hayden


Jonathan Peter "Jon" Malloy

MPP TV: Members' Views On The Televising Of Legislative Proceedings At Queen's Park 

John Martelli 


Gareth Robert Park


Ramesh John "Ramy"Rajballie


Olga Sophia Alexandra Szabarnicki


Emma Suzann Waverman



Philip Duncan Bousquet


Sharon L. Cardash


Vito V. Ciraco

The Role Of The Ontario Opposition Leader: Parliamentarian And Party Leader 


Roderick Stuart "Rod" Cumming

Parties, Politicians & The People: The Representation Debate In Ontario Politics 


Wendy Yvonne Martin


Karen Bridget Murray

Women In The Ontario Legislature: Making Our Numbers Count 

Robert Fairweather "Rob"Nicol


Christine Anne Tovee



Graham Robert Thomson Abbey

Rethinking Political Education In Canada

Nicola "Nick" Ametrano


Franca Gucciardi

A Feminist At Queen's Park: The Need To Redefine Political Leadership

Terry Clarence "Clare" Halldorson

Rethinking Political Education In Canada 

Catherine Ann McKellar


Gregory James "Greg" Moore

A Common Sense Media Strategy (no link)

Lesley Ann Ruzicka 

Question Period And Accountability At Queen's Park: A Paradox 

Ann Louise Wales

Women And The House: The Politics Of Representation



Jennifer Vivian Alexopoulos


Melodie May Barnett

Tripping The Right Fantastic: Lame-Duck Leadership & The Extended Harris Honeymoon 

Lisa Marie Clements

A Delicate Balancing Act: A Case Study Of How One Member Of Provincial Parliament Reconciled His Job As A Constituency Representative With His Role As A Government Back-Bencher


Jess Dutton


Elizabeth Andrea Keller

Birds Of A Feather? A Comparative Look At The Alberta And Ontario Governments 

Peter Anthony Sampaio


Rose Deanna Sottile


L. Jillian "Jill" Zelmanovits

The Democratic Deficit: Representative Democracy And Political Staffers At Queen's Park 



Christine Valerie Czapnik


Andrew John Arndt "Andy" Hastings

Sustaining Opposition: Creating, Maturing And Presenting An Issue

Anthony Laurence Jonker

A House Divided: The Deterioration Of Relations In The Ontario Legislature​

Rina Ming-Yu Li

The Tumultuous Relationship Between "Womens Issues" And The State​

David Alexander MacDuff

Carrots And Sticks: Assessing Government Strategy In Members' Statements And Backbencher Question Period Organisation ​

Christopher R. "Chris" McDermott

Just Desserts: The Political Economy Of The Harris Government'S 30% Income Tax Cut 

Annamie Paul


Charles T. A. Vincent

A House Divided: The Deterioration Of Relations In The Ontario Legislature



Katie Maureen "Kate" Brown

Procedural Politics: The NDP House Leader Office


Michael J.H. Foulds 


Christopher Friedrich "Chris"Holz


Tristan-Emmanuel Landry


Marie Frances Sanderson (née Macpherson)


Celine Margaret Mulhern

Bulwarks Of Democracy Or Anti-Democratic Smokescreens? Committees In Ontario: A Case Study Of Bill 136


William Alexander "Alex"Vaccari


Lauri Ann Catherine Leduc (née Young)



Jason Vijay Kieran Chauhan


John David Crysler


Alexandra J. Dostal


Karli Susanne Farrow


Jennifer Joan Harewood-Kokoue


Erin Margaret McGinn


Dagmar Soennecken


Gordon Douglas "Gord" Westmacott

"Musical Chairs": Who Was Left Standing At Queen's Park And Why


Emily Anne Bain

"Trust Me Please!": How To Improve Public Trust In Politicians 


Jennifer Ashley "Jenn" Harrington


Stephanie Lu

Governing From The Centre: Ontario Style 

Kevin David Stuart Machida

Open Secrets: Gay Politicians In Ontario


Brandy Lyn Giannetta (née Miller)


Christopher Elliott "Chris" Morley

An Analysis Of The Fewer Politicians Act And Its Impact On The Ontario Legislature 

Andrew William Trevor Owen

An Analysis Of The Fewer Politicians Act And Its Impact On The Ontario Legislature 

Priya Saugh



Amy Ellen Dickieson-Kaufman


Ted Ross Flett


Rebecca Ann Gosevitz


Tyler Joseph Langlois

Northern Voices: Representing The North At Queen's Park

Michelle Marie MacDonald

Members Of Provincial Parliament: Party Delegates Or Public Representatives


Daniel Ikram Malik


Nanda Sophie Purandare


Rachel Scheer

Keeping The Palace Running: An Examination Of Political Staff At The Ontario Legislature​


Karim Michael Bardeesy


James Irvine Cairns


Maria DiFabrizio


Nathan William David Fisher


Peter Hargreave


Sara Alice Lyons

The Limits Of Representation: Francophone Ontarians And The Ontario Legislature

Samantha Ann Majic

Does The Personal Become Political? Female Politicians In The Provincial Legislature And The Advancement Of Women's Interests


Lyndsey Anne Saunders

The 2002 Progressive Conservative Party Of Ontario Leadership Race: An Analysis Of The One-Member, One-Vote System 


Martha E. Black


Graham Clare Siemens Erion


Jason Damien Raymonde Hagan

All Parties Took Part: The Downfall Of Culture At Queen'S Park (1987-2003)


Julie Laurette Lavertu


Katherine Lynn Mortimer


Sarah Leslie Roberts 


Jason William Taunton Steele


Éric Stephenson

L’Identité, La Députation Provinciale Francophone De L'Ontario Et Le Mouvement Pour L'Autonomie Administrative De Tfo


Michael "Mike" Acedo


Sarah Faye Baker


Holly June Bondy


Melanie Irene Francis

Amanda Mayer


Kathleen Mary "Kate" Mulligan

David Patrick Thomas Myles


Christopher "Chris" Shantz-Smiley


Timothy Thomas "Tim" Culbert

The Views Of MPPs On Democratic Renewal In Ontario: Are We Missing The Role Of The Backbencher? 


Nicola Celeste Hepburn

Backbench MPPs As Agents Of Local Concerns: Exploring The Relationship Between The Constituency Office, The Backbench MPP And The Bureaucracy

Audrey Heather Lemieux

Honourable Gentlemen: The Story Of Women In The Ontario Legislature


McDonald, Adam David

Institutional Change And The Political Process:The Past, Present, And Future Realities Of The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario

Mintz, Kaila Ruth

The Lobbying Efforts Of Non-Profit Interest Groups At Queen'S Park: Using Non-Partisan Receptions As A Tool To Gain Access And Influence In Ontario


Benjamin J. "Ben" Rossiter

The Ontario NDP In The Common Sense Revolution, 1995-1999

Sciarra, Rebecca A. 

Officers Of The Legislature In Ontario: Who, When And Why​

Rebecca Suzanne "Beki" Scott

The Legislative Press Gallery



Ana Curic

Camaraderie Among MPPs At The Ontario Legislature 


Jonathan Benjamin James "Jon" Feairs

ICT @ QP: The Impact Of Information And Communication Technologies On The Role Of The MPP At Queen's Park

Nicole Janine Goodman

Legislative Recruitment: An Analysis Of The 38th Parliament


Jacqueline "Jackie" Locke

Obstruction In The Ontario Legislature:  The Struggle For Power Between The Government And The Opposition

Daniel Brenden John "Dan" O'Brien

Post-Bureauocracy Or Post-Public Good? New Public Management And The Policy Process Constraints In Ontario


Marc Anthony Peverini


Meghan Leigh Warby

How To Win Friends And Influence People: Lobbying At Queen's Park And Playing By The Rules


Brian P. Wettlaufer

Sub-State International Actors: Ontario's Foreign Policy 


Ian Graham Burns

Pre-Budget Consultations At The Ontario Legislature: A Case Study Of The Standing Committee On Finance And Economic Affairs 


Laura Dougan

What Does It Really Mean To Be Partisan? An Analysis Of Government Advertising In Ontario 

Neil Louis Foley

"You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone": Discourse, Disconnection, Catharsis, And The Ontario Citizen's Assembly On Electoral Reform


Jason R. Lagerquist

The Representation And Presentation Of 'Visible Minority' MPPs In The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario

Thomas Edward "Tom" McDowell


Rachel Elizabeth Stack

The Environmental Bill Of Rights: A Unique Participatory Mechanism 

Lauren Nicole Starr

Receptions At Queen's Park: More Than Just Free Food 


Eleni Tsoutsias

Ombudsman Ontario And Mandate Modernization: What Are The Chances?



Ryan Cookson

Polls, Parties And Strategies: The Impact Of Impersonal Influence On Campaign Dynamics


Sabrina Anwara Hoque

The New Kids On The Block: A Look At Rookie Members Of Provincial Parliament

David Ian Leo Michon

The Ways We 'See' Ontario's Underrepresented: Mythologizing Visible Minorities 


Kayla Monteiro

Electoral Referendum Initiatives: Comparative Study Of British Columbia And Ontario

Kathleen "Katie"Robb

Dangerous Liaisons?': A Survey Of MPP Liaisons At Queen's Park


Aamir Hussain Taiyeb

Ontario's 'First Commoner': Exploring The Speakership At The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario

Matthew Douglas Thornton

Please Get Emotional: Conservative Campaign Strategy And The Power Of Emotion In The 1995 Ontario Election


Judith Anne Wong

The Adoption Information Disclosure Act: Inside The Legislative Process



Tejas Aivalli

Pork-Barrel Politics At Queen's Park


Meghan Buckham

Do Constituents Suffer When Their Representative Is The Speaker? Evidence From Queen's Park

Igor Delov


David Stewart Donovan

The Governor General And Lieutenant Governors: Canada's Misunderstood Viceroys 

Angela Faye Hersey 

Government, Watchdog And Citizen Engagement: Affecting Environmental Decision-Making In Ontario Through The Environmental Registry And The Office Of The Environmental Commissioner Of Ontario 


Kimlan "Kim" Hokan

The Compensation Conundrum: Does M.P.P. Compensation Determine The Composition Of The Ontario Legislature?

Waqas Iqbal

Welcome To The Family Business: The 'Interconnectedness' Of Ontario's Members Of Provincial Parliament With Reference To Ontario, Manitoba, Québec, Michigan And New York


Chelsea Peet

Representing The Great White North: The Northern Ontario MPP Experience

Emma Rachel Ferrone (née Stanley-Cochrane)

The New Standing Orders At The Ontario Legislature - The Process Of Reform & Perceived Effects

Rosanne Phillipa Waters

The Relationship Between Provincial And Federal Political Parties: A Perspective From The Ontario Legislature



Maegan Baird

Horizontal Management: Understanding Changes In Policy Formation And Implementation Through Ontario’s Members Of Provincial Parliament


Leslie Anne de Meulles

Provincial Unity Amidst A Diminishing Press Gallery 

Paul Angelo Di Ianni

Ministerial Resignations In The Province Of Ontario


Christiana S. Fizet

Reopening The Discussion On The Use Of `The Lord’s Prayer` In The Ontario Legislature 

Matthew John "Matt" Gray

Assent Against The Odds: Accounting For The Success Of A Private Member’s Bill


Yuliya Khraplyva

How Different Are They? Comparison Of Standing And Select Committees

Aviva Danielle Levy

At A Disadvantage? An Analysis Of The Orientation For Newly Elected MPPs In Ontario’s By-Elections


Beesan Toni Sarrouh

Analysing The Public Relations Strategies Of Ontario’s Auditor-General And Ombudsman 


Jonathan Steven Trentadue

Scrutiny, Responsibility And The Enhanced Role Of The Integrity Commissioner Of Ontario


Natalie Eve Tutunzis

Provincial-International Relations: Exploring The International Involvement Of The Ontario Legislature



Bryan Bossin

The Interrelationship Of Legislators, Broader Public Sector Organizations And Government Relations Consultants: The Case Of Hospitals 

Melissa Crystal Cernigoy

The Legislative Connection With Aboriginal Peoples: Issues Of Representation 

Natalie Nicole Desimini

Centralization Of Power In Ontario Provincial Cabinets: Its Impact On Ministers 


Thomas Andrew Frederick "Tom" Maidwell

Does Size Matter: Has The Reduction In Its Size Lessened The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario’s Ability To Hold The Executive To Account?

Katherine Lila "Katie" Preiss

Recognized Parties: The 8 Member Critical Mass Question In Ontario


Erica Jane Rayment

Walking The Talk? The Relationship Between Legislative Practice And Discourse On Religious Diversity In The Ontario Legislature 

Michael Edward Smith

Keeping Independent Officers Of Legislatures Independent: The Institutional Design Of The Appointment Process Under The Condition Of Majority Government


Charles Alistair "Charlie" Thompson

Whipped Out Of Shape: A Case Study In Partisanship And Whipping In The Committee System

Sasha Reevan Tregebov

There Will Be No Backbench: The Democratizing Impact Of Backbench Participation In Cabinet Policy Committees


Lisa Marie R. Williams

The Queen’s Park After-Party: Post Cabinet Life In The Legislature



Evan Jaymes Akriotis

Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Effect Of Cameras On Legislative Debate


Patrick Thomas Douglas DeRochie

Turncoats, Opportunists, And Political Whores: Floor Crossers In Ontario Political History

Belinda Mary Ellsworth

The Use Of Autobiographical Stories In First Speeches To The Ontario Legislative Assembly


Lauren Hanna

Watchdogs Wading In: Ontario's Legislative Officers In Public Policy Development

Humera Jabir

Bringing Ontario's Diversity To The Table: Substantive Representation In The Ontario Legislature 


Sylvia Kim

The "Unsung Heroes" Of The Ontario Legislature: The Role Of House Leaders In A Minority Government

Diego Ortiz

The Social Media Timeline In #Onpoli: The MPPs Rapid Adaptation To An Evolving Technology


Sylvia Marilyn Peña

From Government Ministry To Independent Officer Of Parliament: The Disentanglement Of The Office Of The Provincial Advocate For Children And Youth

Craig Robert William Hannon Ruttan

`Just Try To Keep Them Happy': Whips And Party Cohesion In The Ontario Legislature



Monika Natalie Wyrzykowska



Simmerpreet Singh "Simmer"Anand


Connor Adam Bays

The Same But Different: The 2013 Liberal Intra-Party Transition In Ontario

Anthony Charles Boland

From Seed To Tree: Analyzing Perspectives On 20 Years Of Institutional Evolution Of The Office Of The Environmental Commissioner Of Ontario


Joshua Paul William "Josh" Borden

Two Sword Lengths Apart: Decorum Within The Ontario Legislative Assembly

Elizabeth "Beth" Elder

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Why Private Sponsors Support The Ontario Legislative Internship Programme


Andrea Ernesaks

From Part-Time Worker To Full-Time Professional: Examining The Professionalization Of The Political Trade In The Ontario Legislature

Gillian Erin "Gill" Hanson

Fixing The (Democratic) Deficits: The Introduction Of Bicameralism In Ontario


Leanna Gabrielle Katz

Minority Engagement In Ontario's Political Parties: In And Out Of Commissions

Hibah Sidat

The Representation And Political Incorporation Of Visible Minority Members Of Provincial Parliament


Lauren Tarasuk

Weathering The Snowstorm: Representing Northern Ontario



Emily Victoria Barrette

In Her Own Words: Female MPPs In The Ontario Legislative Assembly


Jessica Marianne Behnke

Widening The Centre: Examining The Impact Of Backbencher Participation On Cabinet Committees In Ontario

Mitchell "Mitch" Davidson

The Evolution Of Question Period In The Ontario Legislative Assembly: Uniqueness And Utilities 


Aaron Alexander Denhartog

Developing Ontario's Ring Of Fire: Challenges And Opportunities 

Vanessa E. Dupuis

Ontario's New Financial Accountability Office: A Precedent-Setting Initiative Or A Political Diversion?


Amanda Garofalo

The Role Of Specialized Policy Knowledge For Ministerial Policy Advisors And Policy Collaboration With The Civil Service

Taylor Judson Lew

Stakeholder Participation In Ontario's Annual Budget Process


Lauren Millar

Interest Association Advertising, The Labor Movement And Ontario Politics

Melinda Faye Munding

The Representation And Participation Of Children In The Ontario Parliament: A Study Of The Mandate Of The Provincial Advocate For Children And Youth


Douglas Kyle "Doug" Wong

Prototypical Partisans: The Partnership Of Members Of Provincial Parliament And Its Origins



Clare Meredith Devereux

Personality And Politics: The Big Five Traits Amongst Politicians And The Public In Ontario


Christine Cecile Eamer

Parlez-Vous Français? Une Discussion Des Perceptions Du Français Dans Les Affaires Législatives

Emily Dale Hewitt

Renewable Energy In Ontario: Gone With The Wind?


Justin Khorana-Medeiros

No Thirst For Policy Change: Regulating Ontario's Alcohol Market


Kristy May

Legislative Officers And The Role Of Backbench MPPs: A Helping, Competing, Or Complementing Relationship?


Kristen Neagle

Breaking Barriers: Women In The Ontario Legislature: An Analysis Of The 2014 Ontario Election

Patrick G. Sackville

Queen's Park Kingmakers: Exploring The Union-Party Relationship In Ontario


Jakub Dawid "Jake" Sikora

The Political Implications Of Nuclear Energy And Waste Management In Ontario

Matthew James "Matt" Stanton

More Than Just Free Food? Receptions At Queen's Park And The Politics Of Lobbying


Aaron Van Tassel

The Role Of MPPs In Ontario's Annual Budgetary Process 



Matthew Jared "Matt" Banninga


Alison Elizabeth Isobel Brown


Brittany Ariel Sokol Davis

Regulating All Over Ontario: The Creation And Oversight Of Regulations In Ontario


Olivia Anastasia Labonté


Sara O'Sullivan

The Pulse Of The Province: An Analysis Of Pre-Budget Consultations By Ontario’s Standing Committee On Finance And Economic Affairs From 2014-2016


Sydney Taylor Oakes


Julia E. Redmond


Isa Enes Topbas

Bridging The Gap: The North-South Divide In Ontario Politics


Justyna Zegarmistrz


Eric W. Zinn 

Strong Shadows: What Makes An Effective Opposition Critics


Hannah Louise Forsyth

Sport As A Kingmaker? How Members Of The Ontario Legislature Connect Through Sport


Sara Gajic

Speaking Truth To Power: The Problem Of Independence In The Office Of Ontario's Patient Ombudsman

Hannah Nassif Iles

Electoral Reform At Queen's Park: Past And Present


Jacob Larocque-Graham

Speaking To Speakers: The Challenges And Approaches To The Role Of Speaker In The Ontario Legislature

Stephanie Anne Lowe

From Manuscript To Javascript: MPP And Staff Perceptions Of Queen's Park 2.0, A Technologically Enhanced Legislature


Leslie Andrea Muñoz

The Devolution Of Immigration Powers In Ontario: Past, Present, Future?

Rachel Nauta

Changing Chambers: Experiences Of Politicians Moving From Municipal Council To Provincial Caucus


Alexander "Alex" Overton

Investigating Watchdogs: Clarifying The Role Of Ontario's Officers Of The Legislature

Kyle Sholes

Queen's Park And The Information Age: How Ontario MPPs Receive The News That Matters Most


Emily Trudeau



Daryl Gonsalves

Static Or Erratic? A Temporal Study Of The Auditor General Of Ontario’s Implementation Rates


Matthew McKerlie Klassen

Kassandra Shaline Loewen

Officer Of Servant? The Independence Of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Of Health, Past And Present


Josef Benjamin Méthot

Why “Select” A Committee? The Legislative Impact Of Ontario’s Select Committee On Mental Health And Addictions, 2010-2018

Danielle Yvonne "Dani"Prapavessis


Ana-Maria "Ana" Qarri

Mandate Extension: Case Studies Of Ontario’s Information And Privacy Commissioner And Integrity Commissioner 

Shireen Salti


Harmeet Singh Sandhu

Legislative Watchdogs And The Public Oversight Dilemma: Balancing The Antithetical Needs For Accountability And Independence In Ontario

Jaskiran Shoker


Mackenzie M. "Mac" Taylor



Munisha Basiram

The Commoners : Continuing The Generalist Vs Specialist Debate : Exploring The Relationship Between Past Experience And PA And Critic Portfolio Assignments In The Ontario Legislature


Linda Bui

Redrawing The Lines : The Impacts Of Electoral Boundary Readjustments On Returning MPPs And Their Constituency Offices

Nishani "Nish" Chankar

Seven's A Crowd, Eight's A Party : The Transition From Government To Independent Member


Janessa Duran

Rocky Beginnings : Transitions To Power And Its Effects On Relations With The Ontario Public Service

Jad El Tal

The Speaker Of The Legislative Assembly Of Ontario : A Referee Or A Bystander?


Braelyn Guppy

Enter Stage Left, Right And Centre: An Analysis Of Queen’s Park Through A Theatrical Framework

Hudson Manning


Clara Pasieka

Hurry Up And Wait : Consequences Of The Procedural Chess Game At Queen's Park

Nikki Romano

Toeing The Line : Balancing Party Discipline And Autonomy As An Elected Representative


Peter Supierz-Szczyglowski

Wanted: Standardized Immersive Training Programs For Members’ Office Staff In Ontario

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