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Placement Post- Mac With MPP Sattler

I am placed in the office of MPP Peggy Sattler. MPP Sattler is a member of the NDP and has represented the riding of London West since 2013. She serves as the Deputy Opposition House Leader and the NDP Critic for Democratic Reform, Pay Equity, and Employment Standards.

In MPP Sattler’s office, I have been working on a number of different projects over many policy areas. I began my placement by helping MPP Sattler prepare her response to the repealing of ranked ballot voting for municipalities in Ontario by gathering research and statements on the topic by Ontario municipal leaders. This issue was of particular importance to MPP Sattler as she both serves as the Critic for Democratic Reform and because her home community of London was the only municipality to implement ranked ballot voting in Ontario. This was a really interesting opportunity to see how critics can seek to hold the government to account and ensure the opposition stays engaged in all issues in Ontario politics.

I have also drafted letters to ministers and constituents regarding the concerns of London West citizens. I have recently been working on research and outreach for MPP Sattler’s upcoming private member’s bill which is still confidential. This experience has allowed me to see the inside process of policy making for individual members, and how many stakeholders and Assembly staff can be engaged to produce a bill.

I would like to thank MPP Sattler and her staff, Amanda, Brad, and Leah, for welcoming me to their team and helping to get me oriented in the first few weeks!

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