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Partner Spotlight: Science and Industry

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

OLIP provides recent graduates with an unforgettable programme each year, and our generous partners are essential to making that happen. Though every cohort tries to meet with each of our over forty partners, we unfortunately miss some partners in our ten months with the programme. This post is intended to recognize some of these partners, specifically those who work in science and industry.

Bombardier is an OLIP partner and business jet manufacturer. The company was founded by Joesph-Armand Bombardier in 1935 in Valcourt, Quebec, and has at different stages produced commercial jets, public transport vehicles, trains, and recreational vehicles. Known initially for inventing the snowmobile, Bombardier is now a world leading manufacturer of business jets.

Bombardier naturally employs many engineers – a profession that is governed and licensed in Ontario by the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), another one of OLIP’s partners. Over 90,000 license and certificate holders fall under the mandate of PEO, and the goal of the organization is to regulate engineering in Ontario’s public interest. Established in 1922, the PEO has been setting high standards for Ontario’s engineers for a century.

High standards are no stranger to cosmetics manufacturer and marketer Estée Lauder, one of OLIP’s partners. Founded in 1946 in New York City, the company originally carried only four products; now they own a wide range of brands with a diverse set of products, selling both through digital commerce and retail. Estée Lauder has been a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness, raising more than $89 million globally for research and services related to breast cancer.

Thank you, Bombardier, PEO, and Estée Lauder for your continued support of OLIP!

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