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Partner Blog: Bruce Power

Last week the OLIP interns had the privilege of visiting the Bruce Power site on the shores of Lake Huron. We were very impressed to learn that Bruce Power generates around 30% of power in Ontario, which means that one in three homes, schools, businesses and hospitals are supplied by Bruce Power.  


We had the incredible opportunity to visit Site B and see the nuclear reactors in action, while discussing the impact of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is an emission-free source of energy that plays a vital role in helping achieve Canada’s goal of being net zero by 2050. We also learned how Bruce Power produces medical isotopes that are at the forefront of advancing cancer research and sterilizing hospitals and medical instruments. We particularly enjoyed seeing the command room, which we thought resembled the command room of a space station!  


A huge thank you to Clint Thomas, Mike Hobson and the Bruce Power team for touring us around the site and giving us a once-in-a-lifetime experience to view a nuclear power site and gaining knowledge about how nuclear energy works! 

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