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Our Meeting With The Rt. Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C., C.C.

Recently, the OLIP Interns had the immense pleasure of meeting the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C., C.C.! 

From Pincher Creek, Alberta, the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin taught at the University of British Columbia as a law professor. She served from 1981 to 1988 on the Supreme Court of British Columbia, then the province’s Court of Appeal. The interns enjoyed learning about her time serving on the Supreme Court of Canada from 1989 to 2017. In 2000, she was appointed Chief Justice of Canada, and was the first woman in Canada to hold the position. She openly shared about the discrimination she faced as a woman during her career, and how gender discrimination has improved in the law profession throughout her career. 

The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin reflected on her legal career with us, sharing her insight on the relationship between the courts and legislatures and the eroding trust of the judiciary. We found it particularly interesting to learn the behind-the-scenes of writing a judgement, as well as her most challenging case, the Sovereignty Reference. She emphasized that the most rewarding aspect of her work was advancing Indigenous rights and MAID. 

Currently, she sits on the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong. She was appointed in 2018 as a non-permanent member. We appreciated hearing her perspective about the Court and learning about her experience serving on it. 

Thank you to the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, for sharing your incredible insight with us and inspiring us to make a difference in our careers!


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