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Our Meeting With Associate Minister Tibollo

Earlier this Spring, the interns had the opportunity to meet with the Honourable Michael Tibollo, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addiction, and MPP for Vaughn-Woodbridge. It was fascinating to hear about Minister Tibollo’s highly accomplished career, from the 30-years he spent practicing law to his decision to run for elected office and being appointed to cabinet without prior experience in politics.  

It quickly became apparent through our conversation how deep Minister Tibollo’s passion for his file runs. Prior to entering politics, he spent time each week volunteering with an organization focused on supporting individuals with mental health and addiction challenges. It was the interactions he had here that drove him to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and later run for office, and the interns found it inspiring to hear about his ability to balance the intense demands of academia with the massive mandate of running a Ministry. We spoke about the importance of evidence-based decision making, and the value Minister Tibollo places on this in informing his approach to current pressing issues in the mental health and addiction space.   

During our meeting, Minister Tibollo invited the interns to share a little bit about their background, something he believes helps people to stay in touch with their roots and to connect with others. We discussed the value of culture and community in supporting individuals, and the importance of having culturally appropriate care accessible. Our discussion concluded by discussing the importance of integrating a mental health lens across policy areas, and the importance of collaboration in developing and implementing supports.  

Thank you to Minister Tibollo for taking the time to meet with us, and for sharing his many insights and reflections! 

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