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Ontario Power Generation: Partner Blog

In early September, the OLIP interns had the chance to meet Nicole Gruythuyzen and Jake Sikora from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) at their downtown Toronto office. As a former OLIP intern, Jake was happy to share his wisdom about his life after OLIP. He advised us to take advantage of everything that OLIP has to offer, and to appreciate every day of the 10-month experience.

The OPG reports to the Minister of Energy and is responsible for providing about 50% of Ontario’s energy resources. OPG has a high priority in engaging the public throughout their projects, including rural and Indigenous communities that have limited energy access. We enjoyed learning about the future of Ontario energy as the province plans to move towards decarbonization and increasing Ontario’s energy grid capacity by 2050.

We appreciated that Nicole and Jake answered all of our questions throughout our meeting. We are so grateful to have visited their office and learned more about OPG’s role in Ontario’s energy system.

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