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MPP Placement: Evan & MPP Mike Schreiner

I had the pleasure of spending my first MPP placement with Mike Schreiner, MPP for Guelph and Leader of the Ontario Greens. My time in MPP Schreiner’s office was extremely rewarding, with new, unique tasks and opportunities being presented each day. My placement took place during quite a busy time for MPP Schreiner’s office, with highlights including the fall economic statement, several major speaking opportunities, and the election of a second Green MPP for the first time in Ontario history. 

As opposed to the conventional critic roles that other opposition MPPs hold, as a party leader, MPP Schreiner engages with all policy issues, which meant that I had the opportunity to work with his team on a variety of issues. These opportunities varied from day to day but included briefing MPP Schreiner on the various relevant policy issues ahead of stakeholder meetings, media scrums, and interviews, preparing written briefings and media scans on upcoming legislation, and help facilitate countless meetings with constituents, stakeholders, and other elected officials.  

I also had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with MPP Schreiner at events, receptions, and speaking engagements which helped me form a good working relationship with the MPP and learn more from him directly. In January, I joined MPP Schreiner and some members of his staff at their constituency office in Guelph, which helped me learn more about the riding and the issues facing the residents of Guelph, and in turn gave me a better understanding of the work that the team undertook at Queen’s Park. 

I am extremely grateful to MPP Schreiner’s staff (shoutout to Sam, Anna, Candice, Cecilia, and James!) in both Toronto and Guelph for welcoming me so warmly to the office. And, to MPP Schreiner, thank you for giving me the chance to learn so much from you and your wonderful team. I look forward to continuing to see you around the halls of Queen’s Park! 

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