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MPP Placement Blog: Sophie x MPP Gélinas

For my spring MPP placement, I am lucky to be working with MPP France Gélinas, the MPP for Nickel Belt and Official Opposition Health Critic. MPP Gélinas was first elected in 2007 and has been the health critic for her party since then. She is also a member of the Standing Committee on Social Policy and the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

The riding of Nickel Belt is a large northern riding that encompasses a region from the French River to just south of Timmins. Nickel Belt is mainly a rural riding, with many small communities and towns. The riding contains many natural resources, including many minerals and metals which leads to a strong mining industry. It has a significant Francophone population, and in my placement with MPP Gélinas I have been able to learn more about issues that affect Franco-Ontarians.

I have also been able to learn about the current topics being discussed in healthcare policy, from attending healthcare stakeholder meetings, to observing committee work on healthcare legislation. My role in the office includes assisting with question pitches, press releases, correspondence with stakeholders and constituents and attending meetings with MPP Gélinas.

I would like to thank MPP Gélinas and Executive Assistant Damien for welcoming me to the office, and I look forward to visiting the riding later this spring!

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