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MPP Placement Blog: Leah

For my first MPP placement, I am with MPP Sol Mamakwa, who has represented Kiiwetinoong in Northwestern Ontario since 2018. Kiiwetinoong covers parts of treaties 9, 3, and 5 territory and is the largest riding in Ontario, spanning 294,083 km2, with a population just under 35,000. MPP Mamakwa brings a unique perspective to the Ontario Legislature. His work piqued my interest as his critic portfolios, Northern Development, and Indigenous and Treaty Relations, grapple with Ontario’s history of colonization. In addition to two critic portfolios, he also vice-chairs the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

A highlight of my experience so far was getting to travel to Kiiwetinoong for my constituency visit. While there, MPP Mamakwa invited me to join him for visits to North Caribou Lake First Nation and Muskrat Dam First Nation. On our visit we met with many community members to hear their stories and the visit overall will certainly be a lasting memory of mine. So far, my placement in MPP Mamakwa’s office has taught me the importance of hearing from Northern voices in the Legislature and the power of speaking with intention. A big thank you to MPP Mamakwa and Athena for having me; I look forward to continuing my work in the office and with people of Kiiwetinoong!

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