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MPP Placement Blog: Alia

For my first MPP placement, I have been lucky enough to work with MPP Rudy Cuzzetto of Mississauga-Lakeshore. MPP Cuzzetto is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Treasury Board and sits on the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, as well as the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. Alongside his wide-ranging responsibilities, MPP Cuzzetto also focuses his attention to his constituents by prioritizing local policy issues. Currently, accessibility to public services, long-term care, traffic congestion, health care, and transportation are key issues in Mississauga-Lakeshore.

Working with MPP Cuzzetto’s office has been an exciting and eye-opening experience. When I visited the constituency during November, I found the riding to be extremely close-knit and friendly. It was also very pleasing to see how involved the people were in their community. I was lucky enough to attend many constituency events and see first-hand the different voices of Mississauga-Lakeshore. A highlight during my constituency visit was getting to tour the development of the Mississauga Hospital! Seeing the construction of one of the largest hospitals in Ontario was exciting and enlightening. I learned about the importance of proper health infrastructure and the immense amount of work that goes into large developments like this.

My responsibilities in MPP Cuzzetto’s office have been far-ranging and diverse. I have assisted in writing briefing notes, attended stakeholder meetings, assisted with writing a Member’s statement and petition, and helped write a Private Member’s Bill. Working with MPP Cuzzetto and his team has been exciting and eye-opening thus far. I want to thank MPP Cuzzetto, Michael Smith, Cassandra Bianchi, Dorothy, Leo, and Joanna for welcoming me to their team!

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