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Meeting With The Right Honourable Paul Martin

On November 27, we had the immense honour of meeting with the Right Honourable Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada. Martin served as Prime Minister from 2003 to 2006 and, prior to that, was the Minister of Finance for almost ten years. He was able to share interesting insights into his time on Parliament Hill and his perspective on a variety of important issues.

When asked about the issue of increased partisanship, he discussed with us the need for strong leaders who will lead by example and encourage respectful debate between parties. He also highlighted the importance of parliamentary committees as forums for in-depth discussion and debate about legislation. He talked candidly about his experiences as Finance Minister and his relationship with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, discussing the need for a healthy exchange of differing ideas and perspectives within Cabinet.

We also discussed Canada’s international role and the importance of working with our American partners to accomplish our goals. The topics of indigenous affairs in Canada and climate change were also brought up and Martin underlined the significant amount of work that still must be done in these areas. He recognized that it is our generation who will have to address these significant issues and encouraged us to do so.

It was a pleasure to have him take time to share his insight and perspectives with us. Being able to have such an open and honest discussion with a former Prime Minister was an honour and reminded us that at the end of the day politicians are just regular people too. Thank you Prime Minister Martin for an engaging discussion!

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