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Meeting With Steven Del Duca- Ontario Liberal Party leader

The OLIP interns and the Quebec Legislative interns had the privilege of meeting with Steven Del Duca, the Ontario Liberal Party's current leader. Mr. Del Duca received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgood Hall Law School and studied Political Science and Canadian History at the University of Toronto and Carleton. He was first elected as MPP for Vaughan in 2012 and has held various exciting roles, from Parliamentary Assistant, to the Minister of Finance, to serving as the Minister of Transportation followed by Minister of Economic Development and Growth. Mr. Del Duca won the Ontario Liberal Party leadership bid in 2020 with a majority vote.

Mr. Del Duca expressed his sincere support for OLIP, having been assigned interns in the past that proved to be exceptional additions to his office. He discussed some of the insights and lessons that stood out from his time in government and cabinet. Two overarching principles that guided his work were to enhance dignity for workers and to support entrepreneurship. He highlighted how his government and leadership experience has prepared him to rebuild his party and deliver genuine change for Ontarians.

He shared some of his ambitious plans in transforming and modernizing his party for all Ontarians. For example, his "30 under 30" plan aims to have at least 30 well-skilled candidates under the age of 30 to connect with a younger voting base that has historically been less civically engaged. He also believes that his government will find positive solutions to meet disruptive future challenges such as automation and digitization. In the regard that his party is currently a "start-up," he is confident that they have the energy, commitment, and freshness to form the government.

Mr. Del Duca left us with an encouraging impression; that individual success is limited only by talent, effort, and dedication. The interns are thankful and appreciative for the time that Mr. Del Duca shared with us, especially so for his continued support of OLIP!

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