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Meeting with Kathleen Wynne, former Premier of Ontario

We recently had the honour of sitting down virtually with MPP Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s Premier from 2013 to 2018. In what was a meeting filled with eclectic themes and entertaining anecdotes, MPP Wynne reflected on much more than just those five years of her premiership that preceded Ontario’s current political landscape.

We began by discussing MPP Wynne’s path to politics. With degrees and work experience in education and language, she mentioned that government actions she witnessed in Ontario in the late 1990s first motivated her to consider a career in politics. Her political journey began in 2000 as a trustee for the Toronto District School Board. Only a few years later, she became the MPP for Don Valley West. Subsequently, she would serve in five ministerial portfolios from 2006 until her premiership in 2013. She mentioned that this mix of ministerial portfolios allowed her the opportunity to travel to all corners of Ontario, which helped her understand the needs of Ontario’s diverse regions and guided her leadership.

It was also fascinating to hear her commentary on the Liberal Party of Ontario’s achievements during her five-year reign. MPP Wynne discussed programs including OHIP+, increased minimum wage, an updated education curriculum, and infrastructural investments. While this is her last term as an MPP before retiring, she left us with some thoughts on where the party will continue to venture in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you, MPP Wynne, for your time and for fostering an engaging discussion with us! It was an honour and a pleasure to meet with you.

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